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Why not give students fun plotting practice that engages them with the task and with each other? Each CoordinArt activity is a collection of ordered pairs to be plotted on a coordinate grid in all four quadrants. Students connect these sets of points as directed to end up with a cool picture.

Students enjoy trying to figure out what the picture will be as they plot away. Students don't easily master the skill of plotting points accurately in all four quadrants. They need repeated practice over time. The activities provided here allow for that as the activities fall into many cross-curricular areas.

Monthly themes

Need Quick Lesson Plans?

Having a substitute? CoordinArt plotting activities make for quick, easy substitute lesson plans when you aren't sure of the mathematical confidence and skills your substitute teacher may or may not have. Sudden bouts with flu or family emergencies occur without notice for time needed to make quality sub plans. Having a CoordinArt activity always run off or ready to run off relieves a lot of stress for you. Your math students will not have a "wasted" day. They will be fully engaged while you are able to concentrate on personal matters at hand.

CoordinArt Themes:

    Patriotic: Selections include the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, the White House, Uncle Sam, President Obama and more. A must see!

    Monthly: Selections correlate with the holidays of the month such as February-Valentine's Day and President's Day, March-St. Patrick's Day. Click to check them out! (continually expanding!)

    Landmarks Select the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower. More to come.

    Animals Select an animal CoordinArt design. Differentiated instuction is quick and easy with these designs that are available in both four quadrant AND quandrant I only formats.

    Misc CoordinArt Find unique designs that don't fit into currently established themed pages. Check out "Edward" from the Twilight Series (actor Robert Pattison).

    Quadrant I Only Looking for plotting practice that uses only Quadrant I (x/y positive numbers)? Here it is! All have a four quadrant version as well so you can easily provide differentiated instruction.

    Complete list of Available CoordinArt A table displaying all available Coordinate. Find out how many points there are to plot for each CoordinArt design. A colored thumbnail is included for your convenience. A great way to ordered multiple CoordinArt from a single page.

What Do I Get?

Each selection includes the following in PDF format:

  • Direction sheet of needed ordered pairs
  • Black outline of the end result
  • Full color version of the end result
  • An appropriately numbered coordinate grid (horizontal or vertical)
  • CoordinArt Instructions

Limited on Xerox Copies at School?

All CoordinArt is designed using graph paper that is 5 squares to the inch. Therefore you may have students orient an 8 1/2 x 11 inch graph paper horizontally (landscape) or vertically (portrait) depending on the design selected, then using a straight edge, draw the x and y axis on it. Help them place zero on the x and then zero on the y. Getting the two zeroes placed accurately can be confusing for a lot of students so you may need to model it and check this before they begin plotting points. Instruct student to only label the even numbers. This saves time and allows for easier reading along the y-axis!

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