CoordinArt - Summer

Summer CoordinArt for June, July and August provides fun plotting practice to celebrate summer fun and heading back to school. Most designs are available in both a 4 quadrant version as well as a quadrant I only version. Provide for Differentiated Instruction and save $ by purchasing the "DI-Sets" which give you both 1 and 4 quadrant versions.

Summer Fun

Sailboat: A great sign that summer fun has arrived is seeing sailboats out on the water. The sailboat has a mainsail, and a headsail or jib. A spinnaker is an optional sail, often strikingly colorful and fun, that is raised to sail fast down wind. These can be seen during sailboat races when they make the turn to sail downwind. Proper hoisting and lowering are both crucial, especially during a race.

Sailboat: $2.50 Sailboat: $2.50

 Sailboat: $2.50

Sailboat - Quadrant 1 Only

Sailboat-Q1: $2.50 Sailboat-Q1: $2.50


Get BOTH Sailboat-Q4 AND Q1 together for Differentiated Instruction and $ave

 DI-Sailboat: $4

Baseball: The game of baseball has been known as "America's favorite past time" whether they are referring to a put together game with the kids of a neighborhood, a family/ group picnic activity or watching an organized game at the high school, college, minor or major league professional level. Youngsters are introduced to baseball early with T-ball and followed up with Little League. Watching a professional game comes with images and smells of hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts and Cracker Jack...and the singing of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch. Baseball is a welcome sign of summer to many areas of the United States. The National Baseball Hall of Fame is located in Cooperstown, NY.

Learn more about your students by suggesting they color the bat in this CoordinArt design to match the color(s) of their favorite team. (Mine is for the Mariners.) They may want to add in the background..."Go ________!" or the name of their favorite player.

Baseball - Q4: $3 Baseball - Q4: $3

 Baseball-Q4: $3

Baseball - Quadrant I ONLY --- AVAILABLE NOW!

Baseball-Q1: $3 Baseball-Q1: $3

 Baseball-Q1: $3

Get BOTH Baseball-Q4 AND Q1 together for Differentiated Instruction and $ave

 DI-Baseball SET: $5 ($6 value)

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