CoordinArt-Misc will be a collection of CoordinArt designs that do not fit with the other themed pages and are not currently planned for expansion to their own themed page. Contact Me to request a particular design subject.

CoordinArt makes for a great emergency lesson plan to leave for a substitute. Students become fully engaged due to the quality of designs thus allowing you peace of mind while away that your students are not only working mathematically, but behaving for the substitute.

CoordinArt-Misc and the other themed pages found on this website allow for cross-curricular connections while practicing the important skill of plotting coordinate points.

Edward of the Twilight Series: Edward Cullen is a fictional character from the immensely popular Twilight book series by Stephenie Meyer. He is featured in the books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, as well as the Twilight film, and the as yet unfinished novel Midnight Sun - a re-telling of the events of Twilight from Edward's perspective. Edward is a vampire who, over the course of the Twilight series, falls in love with, marries, and has a child with Bella Swan, a human teenager who later chooses to become a vampire also. In the 2008 Twilight film, Edward is played by actor Robert Pattinson.

Edward Cullen -

Edward Cullen -

Edward-"Twilight": $5  Edward-Twilight: $5

The Olympic Torch: The Olympic torch is lit in Olympia, Greece several months prior to the start of the games. It then begins its journey to the current site of the Olympics in time for the opening ceremonies. It is an honor to be one of the torch bearers as it makes it way around the world. The hand carried torch is used to light the large flame that stays lit throughout the two-week competition. It is extinguished at the closing ceremony.

Olympic Torch-Q1-EASY: $2  Olympic Torch-Q1-E: $2

Snowboarder-Q4: $3 Snowboarder-Q4: $3

Apolo Ohno-Q4: $3  Apolo Ohno: $3

BACK by request!

Get an ENTIRE Olympics SET that includes the easy Q-1 Torch, the Maple Leaf and rings in BOTH Q-1 and Q-4 formats, plus Apolo Ohno, mascots, and a snowboarder. All 6 designs for only $10 Save $7

OLYMPIC SET (6 designs for $10)  Olympic Set: $10

Kokopelli-Q4: $3  Kokopelli: $3

Graduation : There are graduations of many types from "graduating" from kindergarten, middle school, high school, and college. They mark milestones in learning as one ventures on and beyond the walls of a particular institution. As one graduates new doors open for new beginnings.

The mortar board is the classic hat to wear as a graduation hat. Mortar boards are called by many different names: square, cap, hat, graduation hat, and board are some of the most common examples, but they all have the same distinctive flat top and tassel. The orignal, standard mortar board is black,but are now available in colors as various schools request. The tassels used to also always be black, but now are often provided in school colors.

Graduation: $3  Graduation: $3

Sports Car: No matter whether a young boy, young adult male, or aged grandpa, a sports car seems to be the one thing that makes them smile as their heart begins to race and their pulse rises. They imagine sitting behind the wheel as they quench their "need for speed".

Sports Car-Q4: $4  sports car-Q4: $4

Music: Music adds to our everyday life experiences. Though our tastes may differ greatly in what we consider to be "music to our ears", most people do enjoy music whether done through singing, playing or listening. This CoordinArt design is a nice one to do in the spring when many school concerts and music contests are taking place, or at the time of any major music awards such as the Grammy Awards. The coloring may help convey the intensity or type of music a student wishes to represent. Bold, exciting vs soft, and melodic. Enjoy being creative!

Music: $3 Music: $3

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