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Leprechaun: Leprechauns are male mythological faeries believed to inhabit Ireland. Originally they were cranky little guys who mended shoes of other fairies. They were known for mischievous antics and trickery as they protected their many treasures. They weren't originally associated with St. Patrick's Day, a holy day for Ireland. The release of the Walt Disney film, "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" changed the image of the leprechaun to a cheerful, friendly soul. The leprechaun quickly evolved as a recognizable image for St. Patrick's Day and Ireland in general.



 leprechaun: $4

SHAMROCKS:Shamrocks are the symbol of Ireland. They are usually 3-leafed clover. The number three is Ireland's magic number. All good things come in threes (ie. Faith, Hope, Charity; present, past, future; etc). Four leaf ones are rare and therefore said to bring the finder good luck. The shamrock was originally used for its medical properties.

4-Leaf Clover: $3

4-Leaf Clover: $3

4-Leaf Clover-Q4: $3  4-Leaf Clover:$3

4-Leaf Clover-Q1: $3  Shamrocks: $3

Differentiated Instruction Set

Get BOTH 4-Leaf Clover-Q1 AND Q4 versions and SAVE $

Shamrocks-Q1 AND Shamrocks-Q4: $5 ($6 value)  Shamrock SET (QI/Q4):$5

Kokopelli-Q4: $3  Kokopelli: $3

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