Easy Quadrant-I

Easy Quadrant-I CoordinArt is now available! Coordinate grid plotting practice with these CoordinArt designs use ONLY WHOLE numbers for both the x and y coordinates, yet still produce pictures of which students can be proud. The x values range from 0 to 32, and the y axis extends from 0 to 42.


I strongly suggest that you encourage students to use a straight edge to follow the appropriate x grid line that corresponds with the x coordinate till it meets the intersection with the appropriate y coordinate.

You may want to start saving the light weight cardboard backings from various notebook pads and any that come with other packaging from various store-bought items such as folded men's dress shirts. You may want to visit some local stores for any they have that they toss or recycle. These work exceptionally well as they keep both coordinates aligned accurately and easily.

TULIPSQ1-E:Tulips, daffodils, and crocuses are the flowers associated with spring having arrived. They poke up there colorful heads from the wintery brown ground, and make us smile and begin to feel warmer. Tulips are especially known in areas of western Washington, and Holland, Michigan.

TulipsQ1-E $2.50

TulipsQ1-E: $2.50

 TulipsQ1-E: $2.50

Apple-Q1-E: A sign that summer has transitioned to fall is the appearance of the fall crop of apples. Although many varieties may be available throughout the year, the best seem to be picked throughout the fall season. Find what varieties may be native to your area and what older apples they may have evolved from.

Apple-Q1-E: $2.50

Apple-Q1-E: $2.50


Football: American football began in 1879, but evolved from the English game of rugby. While it was Willima Ebb Ellis, a student at the Rugby School in England, who picked up the ball during the soccer game and ran with it in 1823, Walter Camp is considered the most important figure in the development of American football. Camp was a football player at Yale, and later was the general athletic director and head advisory football coach at Yale from 1888-1914. Walter Camp is nick-named the Father of American football. He edited every American football rulebook unitl his death in 1925. For specific contributions Camp made click here. The NFL (National Football League) was formed in 1920. This CoordinArt is an easy Quadrant I ONLY design. Football


 Football: $2

Olympic Torch-Q1-E: $2  Olympic Torch-Q1E: $2

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