Differentiated Instruction
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Differentiated Instruction Sets allow you to provide differentiated instruction esaily for your class by giving you both the Quadrant I version as well as the 4 Quadrant version. Challenge students with the 4 quadrant version that uses positive and negative integers for both x and y axes. Quadrant I only version allows students not yet ready for 4 quadrant plotting to make the same basic picture, but at an easier level by using only positive x and y coordinates.

PLUS you save money by purchasing both versions as a SET!

Receive Coordinates for Both versions, Q-1 and Q-4 grids, black and white outline and colored end result of each format.

Shamrocks - Q1 Shamrocks - Q4

Shamrocks-Q1 AND Shamrocks-Q4: $5 ($6 value)  Shamrock SET (QI/Q4):$5

Baby Chick - Q1 Baby Chick -Q4

Chick-Q1 AND Chick-Q4: $5 ($6 value)  Chick SET (Q1/Q4): $5

#1 Mom - Q1 #1 Mom - Q4

Mom-Q1 AND Mom-Q4: $5 ($6 value) Mom SET (Q1/Q4:) $5

Memorial Day - Q1 Memorial Day - Q4

Memorial Day-Q1 AND Memorial Day-Q4: $5 ($6 value)  Memorial Set (Q4/Q1): $5

Sailboat-Q1 Sailboat-Q4

Sailboat-Q1 AND Sailboat-Q4: $4 ($5 value)  Sailboat SET (Q1/Q4): $4

Baseball-Q1 Baseball-Q4

Baseball-Q1 AND Baseball-Q4: $5 ($6 value)  DI-Baseball SET: $5 ($6 value)

Cornucopia-Q1 AND Cornucopia-Q4 $6 ($8 value)  Cornucopia DI-SET: $6

DI Olympics 2010 SET(Q1/Q4): $5 ($6 value)  DI-Winter Olympis SET: $5

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