TWO New CoordinArt Designs Debut

Celebrate academic success as students move on to their next stage of learning with the Graduation CoordinArt.

Graduation-Q4: $3  Graduation: $3

Need more motivation for the boys in your classroom? Then you'll want to add the Sports Car CoordinArt!

Sports Car-Q4: $4  sports car-Q4: $4

In the Works

Spring and the end of the traditional 9-month school calendars bring about various concerts--both choir and band. I am currently working on a music theme design. I hope to have it available approximately the first week of May.

Thank YOU!

Thank you so much for your support this year as I launched my business in January 2009. I have been extremely busy creating designs each month to provide students with "year-round" practice. I appreciate your understanding and patience when I have made various errors in designs. It is my intent to always produce top quality designs. Thanks again for making this such a rewarding experience!


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