"Music to My Ears"-Popular New Design

Student Work Slideshow!

Student Gallery is a recently added feature to the website where completed student work can be displayed for the world to appreciate! Use the slideshows to inspire and motivate your students or to just enjoy yourself.

Current slideshows:

  • Kokopelli
  • Music to My Ears
  • Iguana and Macaw
  • Harvest Themes
  • Memorial Day

  • The current slideshows are completed works from my 6th and 7th grade students, but I am anxious to update these, and add additional ones with work from all regions and age groups! Want to see work from YOUR students included? Submit digital pictures along first names and last name initial plus your state!

    Student Gallery today!

    "How To" VIDEO

    There is now a "How To" video posted on my website that demonstrates how to create the CoordinArt designs. It is also accessible via YouTube. Viewers see the Kokopelli appear before their eyes. Watch it yourself for reminder tips to use before actually starting the first plotting experience with your students, or show it to your students. The highlighting tips demonstrated can be applied to "Quadrant I Only" designs! Use 4 colors when students transition from one quadrant to all four. I still have a few students who highlight for every design before they start plotting. It's a great strategy to ensure more success!

    Demo Video

    Teacher Testimonials-Another New Feature!

    Teacher Testimonials are for YOU to share with others the ways you've used a particular CoordinArt design. How did your students respond to it? What age students did you do it with? Anything to caution others about? Were you pleasantly surprised with the quality of your students' results? Read other testimonials for ideas you may want to try. If you're wondering about the difficulty of a particular design you may find comments that will help you decide.

    FREE CoordinArt Design--YOUR CHOICE

    Submit a quality "Teacher Testimonial" or a few student work pictures for the "Student Gallery" for a limited time this summer and receive YOUR choice of CoordinArt design FREE! As this feature gets off the ground and more testimonials appear, be sure to read those already posted so yours can stand out or be unique.

    Thank YOU! Have a great summer!

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