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Hello! My name is Nancy Coe and I am a middle school math teacher. After several years of not being able to find more appropriate and exciting practice of plotting ordered pairs on a Cartesian plane (coordinate grid) using all four quadrants, I finally decided to make my own. This became a reality as election day 2008 approached. I created one with the Democratic Party donkey and Republican Party elephant. My students loved them. Then I created the portrait of Barack Obama.

I was amazed at how engaged the students were. My students really got into coloring the portraits as realistic as possible. They were very proud of their work. We put a dozen or so of them up in the hall. For the next couple of weeks students stopped and looked at them on their way to and from classes. They talked about which one they liked the most. I even had a student I did not know come in and ask if I had an extra one that he could do! That was a first! I knew then that I needed to create a lot more and make them available to you!

My CoordinArt selections are challenging, but students rise to the occasion when they know they will end up with realistic pictures. To get such realistic pictures it is necessary to use decimal coordinates such as "4.5", "4.25" and "4.75". The the ".25s" and ".75s" are incorporated mainly in CoordinArt portrait designs due to the additional detail and preciseness needed with them. I believe it is good to use these in-between value points since so many students don't think there are any values between the numbered gridlines.

A limited number of Quadrant I only designs are available now. These currently use a few ".5s" in the coordinates, but no ".25s" or ".75s". The Q-1 designs are also available in 4-Quadrant plotting format. This allows for you to provided differentiated instruction for your students. Even simpler Quadrant I designs are available-see Easy Q-1

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