The CoordinArt-animals collection allows you to provide differentiated instruction easily. Most animal CoordinArt being added will be available in both the 4-Quadrant format (positive and negative numbers of both the x and y axes), as well as Quadrant-I only (positive numbers only). Now all students are able to make the same quality coordinate grid pictures! As the classroom teacher you know which students need the challenge that four quadrant plotting provides, and which students need quadrant one only practice.

What Do I Get?

Each selection includes the following in PDF format:

  • Direction sheet of needed ordered pairs
  • Black outline of the end result
  • Full color version of the end result
  • An appropriately numbered coordinate grid (horizontal or vertical)
  • CoordinArt Instructions

Baby Chick: The baby chick just hatched out of its egg is a common image when we think of spring, the farm, and baby animals. Spring is the start of new life all around us as crocuses, tulips and daffodils pop through from winter's ground, and deciduous trees blossom and give hints of green. Our dreary winter world magically is uplifted to a world of color with this new life and new growth. Baby chicks are often used from the beginning of spring through Easter to represent new life.

Chick :$3.00

Chick: $3.00


Quadrant ONE format:


Chick-Q1: $3.00

Baby Chick-Q1: $3  Chick-Q1:$3


I want both Quadrant I AND Quadrant IV versions. ($6 value for $5!)

 Chick SET (Q1/Q4): $5

Scarlet Macaw: The scarlet macaw is from the parrot family. Its bright colors make it one of the most beautiful bird throughout the world. They live in the upper canopies of tropical rainforests especially from south-east Mexico to Brazil. They can reach speeds of 35mph. Unfortunatley scarlet macaws are endangered due to people wanting them as pets and the loss of natural habitation.

Macaw: $4

Scarlet Macaw $4

Macaw-Q4: $4  Scarlet Macaw: $4

Green Iguana: When full grown the green iguana is 4-6 feet long (including the tail which is about 1/2 the body length). The green iguana ranges from bright green to a dull, grayish-green. These variations in color along with its black stripes help camouflage it in its surroundings. Their skin is rough, with a set of pointy scales along its back. These iguanas have long fingers and claws that assist their climbing on rocks and trees. The green iguana is a protected species in Mexico and can be seen throughout Mayan ruins such as Chichen Itza and Uxmal.

Green Iguana: $4 Green Iguana: $4

Iguana-Q4: $4  Green Iguana: $4

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