Confused When Plotting Coordinates on a Cartesian Plane?

Plotting coordinates on a grid or cartesian plane can be confusing and stressful to students, but it doesn't have to be! This site will help you actually make it FUN!

Before the fun plotting practice can begin it is important to understand the number lines that make up the x and y axes. Every point on a coordinate grid has a unique set of 2 coordinates to identify its location. This unique set of coordinates is made up of an x-coordinate, which identifies the point's position horizontally, and the y-coordinate, which identifies its position vertically on the grid. It is a way of mathematically mapping positions on the 2-dimensional plane. For more, see the "Plotting Basics" page.


This website is designed for intermediate and middle school students, parents and teachers-

  • to understand the cartesian plane or coordinate grid
  • to consistently plot x/y coordinates accurately
  • to provide teachers strategies that promote successful
    plotting of coordinates in all four quadrants for all students
  • and to provide fun, cross-curricular activities that provide
    needed practice of this skill throughout the year.


This site began as a resource for plotting ordered pairs in all four quadrants, but I'm excited to say is currently expanding to include CoordinArt plotting practice that is limited to Quadrant I!

Since my designs are so detailed, they do take time to complete, PLEASE plan a minimum of 2 days for most to be completed. I usually give one day in class and then have the completed design due several days later!

CoordinArt News
CoordinArt News gives the latest CoordinArt designs available. CoordinArt creates unique pictures by plotting sets of ordered pairs and plotting them on a coordinate grid! Fun learning happens
Complete List of CoordinArt
A complete list of available CoordinArt (pictures made from ordered pairs on a coordinate grid.) Dot to dot connections create awesome pictures.
CoordiinArt Intro
CoordinArt Intro introduces you to the creator of CoordinArt, Nancy Coe, Learn how she started her CoordinArt designs.
Plotting Basics
Learn the plotting basics to accurately plot any ordered pair of x and y coordinates on a coordinate grid. Includes all four quadrants
Coordinart-Fun Plotting Practice
Students need plotting practice for coordinates in all four quadrants. Select from numerous activities that create a picture related to various cross-curricular themes.
CoordinArt-Monthly organizes CoordinArt by the calendar months to quickly find plotting practice based on the holidays of each month..
CoordinArt - Patriotic Themes
CoordinArt - Patriotic provides a variety of patriotic themed x/y plotting practice in all four quadrants of the cartesian plane.
Create coordinate grid pictures of the Eiffel Tower and CoordinArt-landmarks. Fun plotting practice to be used throughout the year. Makes great subsitute lesson plans!
Select CoordinArt-animals for coordinate plotting practice that also allows for easy differentiated instruction within your classroom. Simple, but realistic animals in one or four quadrant formats.
CoordinArt-Misc themes which includes Edward of the Twilight Series. Unique plotting practice that makes realistic pictures on a coordinate grid. Great lesson plan to leave for a sub.
Quadrant One Plotting
Coordinate grid picture designs for quadrant one plotting. Only positive x/y coordinates are used. These are suitable for intermediate elementary, and are quick lesson plans.
Easy Quadrant-I
Easy Quadrant-I CoordinArt provides plotting practice that uses ONLY positive whole numbers for both <i>x </i> and <i>y </i> coordinates. New designs are being created, so check back often.
Differentiated Instruction
Differentiated Instruction sets of CoordinArt allow for easy differentiated instruction within your classroom. Each design is provided in both Quadrant I ONLY and all FOUR quadrant plotting formats.
contact me
Contact me to let me know of a CoordinArt subject that you are needing. I'd be happy to make it my next project!
Testimonials from users of CoordinArt designs. Users share experience of their students making coordinate grid pictures.
Students Speak
Students speak out when given the chance to brag about their completed CoordinArt (coordinate grid pictures)..
Student Gallery
Student gallery is a collection of finished CoordinArt done by students. Creativity is wide open with many designs to allow each student to make each CoordinArt design his or her own!